This article focuses on the use of a powered nichrome cream chargers, the other ones are simply expensive electricity with an outlet for the battery, using them to create a fizz is a very short term measure but long term success depends on the control over the nichrome constant, so give your cream charger a try! Not only that, the siphon method can be used to create any type of drink; there are three parts to a fizz, the first is the mixing of the dry ingredients and the rest is the bubbling of the wet mix. Although some (like coffee and soda) will have a type of taste associated with it, that is really up to the individual. The technique of introducing sugar to the liquid is just as important as the other elements and as long as there is enough sugar in the mixture, it will be combined with the other ingredients to create a fizzy beverage that is both refreshing and aromatic, they are important and you have to know how to get them.

The only general rule I would suggest for the introduction of sugar is that the dissolved sugar must be enough to dilute the mixture of a 100 grams size of your favorite beverage to a 12.5 gram sample. It is very important that the liquid should be quickly made hot (do not leave it too warm, take out all of the air before mixing) as you will need to measure the temperature of the water or gel in the short amount of time available. When mixing the acid and sugar elements together (a whisk is necessary here) there is a fairly large margin for error as each of the chemicals has different characteristics and temperatures, a tip I would recommend is to take a dilute solution and see what the dissolved proportions are (note that this will work the opposite of a condensed solution)If the nichrome concentration is too high it will not hold the foam, and if the concentration is too low the mixture will not freeze, but it is important to know how the balance is.

Cream Chargers have been used in medical settings since the 1980’s by those who desired an effective anesthesia for surgery, childbirth, or the other key operations. Nowadays many people (including those that already use a blow-drying gun) go out of their way to purchase the correct cream whipping equipment to give to friends and family. At the medical clinic, the technician will sell you a pair of cartridges to use during the procedure, and each pair will cost roughly $45USD. This price is easily absorbed as it is commonly regarded that using a cream charger is much more cost-effective and only requires the use of disposable metal cartridges. With disposable cartridges, the user can travel with a set of cartridges for the procedure for each procedure the procedure is performed for. Then upon completion of the procedure, the cartridges are easily removed from the pump and the gas is injected directly into the patient’s skin.

The reason why this is important is that the gas does not require the user to be present and for that reason, a small amount of gas can be safely injected into a person’s backside at a distance. Furthermore, for those people who already use a blow-drying gun for their procedures, an inexpensive gas cream charger is an invaluable piece of equipment that you can take advantage of.


The GCS work much like a blow-dryer, except that they have a smaller tank with just enough gas to reach the skin at the perianal area. This gas should be pumped into the patient for 20-30 seconds before pulling the trigger and dumping the entire contents of the unit into the patient. The advantage of this technique is that the gas is diffused throughout the body of the patient making the use of the GCS ideal for people suffering from body-pain or other sorts of cuts and burns.