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It all started with Active Beer Geek in 2011 which began as a blog. which then turned into a full fledged lifestyle that propelled me into the jobs I’ve had. I turned the standard beer blog into a content creation skill set that would follow me until today. I wouldn’t have my previous few jobs without starting Active Beer Geek.

1904, 2020

The Active Beer Show

Welcome to the Active Beer Show! Every night at 6pm I'm going live on Instagram with a new guest in the beer world. Make sure to follow @ActiveBeerGeek on IG to see these live videos. Here is the guest List! 4/19 Joe Doherty, Brewery Extrava 4/20 [...]

1709, 2019

Oktoberfest Season 2019 in Maine

Once Labor Day is over the beer lovers of Maine are excited for all of the upcoming Oktoberfest events around the state, and there are many of them, in case you want to hold one event and all you need a freezer to serve your drinks cold, [...]

108, 2019

Maine Brewers Guild Summer Session ‘19: Post-Fest Thoughts

Maine Brewers Guild Summer Session ‘19: Post-Fest Thoughts The Summer Session is the best beer fest in Maine every year, especially for Maine Brewers. It historically has had the most amount of breweries from Maine in attendance every year. The profits go back to the Maine [...]

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