Whiskey + Honey + Almond + Salmon = Amazing

While working in a grocery store I get a few customers who suggest how to prepare and cook food. One day last week I got a delicious suggestion from a customer that was very simple. Not only was it painstakingly elementary but I already had the ingredients, minus the salmon. The idea is an encrusted covering on a piece of meat, poultry, or fish. It’s this simple of ingredients:

  1. Whiskey
  2. Honey
  3. Almond slices

Whiskey & Almond Encrusted Salmon

BAM! I had those things! So all I had to do was buy the item to use them on. I chose salmon because…well, I just LOVE salmon.

I chose the Rye Whiskey in my cabinet because I wanted the concoction to have a bit of a bitter bite from the rye (and I chose right). I also have bourbon whiskey and will try this combination with that one day. I’m not sure why I bought Bulleit Rye Whiskey to be specific but it was pretty good. I may have had some shots of it during the cooking process…That’s what cooking is about, right?

Whiskey & Almond Encrusted Salmon

There aren’t any formal measurements to the mixture to record. It was a trial and error kind of thing overall. You have about 2-4 ounces of the whiskey mixed with about 2x-3x that of honey. So it’s a 1:3 ratio of whiskey:honey. This way the mixture is a bit thick for glazing. Next you add the almond slices liberally and mix. This is what it looks like all mixed up:

It sells like a very sweet alcohol mix. Don’t worry, the alcohol will be cooked out during the baking (bummer, I know). I have to add here that I took the skin off the salmon before applying the mix. So now you place your piece of salmon on the cooking pan with a piece of tinfoil and liberally apply the mix. Make sure to add some underneath the salmon to get the flavor everywhere. As you can see, I didn’t use a cookie sheet pan which I should have. Instead I used just tinfoil and folded the sides in so the juice didn’t spill. This is what it looks like pre-cooked encrusted.

Whiskey & Almond Encrusted Salmon

Now, bake the masterpiece at 400 degree for 20-25 minutes. The time usually depends on how thick the salmon is. This piece in particular took closer to 25 minutes. For safety you can measure the internal temperature which should be at 145 degrees. While waiting for the salmon to bake I decided to open a bottle of wine. You are probably thinking ‘liquor and wine? Where’s the beer!?’ Sorry, this blog post doesn’t contain beer.

So now you take the Salmon out of the oven for an awesome meal for two. For dudes, this is a simple and amazing dinner date idea – take note. Plate the ensemble and add a side. I chose boiled broccoli. Everything about this meal is also gluten free. Enjoy!

Whiskey & Almond Encrusted Salmon