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I’m happy to say again that there’s another brewery opening in Maine. I seem to be saying this every month since 2011 and I love it. Mast Landing Brewing Company will be opening on 920 Main St. in Westbrook Friday March 4th with three beers on tap. They will have 4 beer by the end of the  month. They started to fund their brewery through an indiegogo campaign.  They’ve already raised as much as $10,000 at the time of this post being published.

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The space that they have is gigantic. It makes their 2 barrel system look even more tiny than it already is. Owner Ian Dorsey explained that a friend of his wife suggested the space to them after mentioning that they were ready to open a brewery. Since Maine has so many breweries popping up, the level of expectation across has increased. Obviously quality beer is a standard, but also space. Mast Landing has tasty beer but also a HUGE tasting room that’s readily expandable.

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They used reclaimed pallet wood to make all the furniture in the tasting room. Ian explained the long process of making each table and chair. The tasting room is also bigger than I expected. It has a bar area with drop down lighting. The lighting has rope wrapped around the wires with Edison-style bulbs.

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While I was there, Ian and Neil met with their hop distributor trying to plan their next few months to a year out for hop contracts. With knowing what is available in the short and long term for hops, they can plan pilot brews and more year-long beers. Mast Landing is also waiting for their 2 barrel kettle, which should arrive soon this month

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The beers on tap will be Seavey Island Ale, Tell Tale Pale Ale, and Mainstay IPA. I got to try the Tell Tale Pale Ale, which was juicy and dry at the end with tons of flavor. The brewer Neil Fredrick was telling me that they prefer to brew dryer beers in general. Neil explained scaling  up from their homebrewing system to Mast Landing’s 2 barrel system was easy. It was surprising when he mentioned most of the scaling up of ingredients was all calculations he did himself.

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Mast Landing Brewing Company is set to open on March 4th from 3PM-8PM. They will be open the following day from noon-8PM.

More press about Mast Landing Brewing Company:

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