The Maine Brewers’ Guild Presents Beer School

Starting with the Freshmen Orientation during Portland Beer Week, The Maine Brewers’ Guild announced a new series of interactive and educational events called Beer School. This is a big movement in the making for the Maine beer industry.

The Maine Brewers’ Guild Beer School

The Freshmen Orientation was comprised of 12 breweries that all started in 2014, AKA ‘The Freshmen’. Participants at the event were split up into 6-10 person groups and spend 10 minutes at each brewery station learning about brewery and the beer they produce. This was a unique event that gave everyone an intimate opportunity to get to know all the new breweries. Everyone left with so much more knowledge of the beer industry and craft beer in general.

The Maine Brewers’ Guild Beer School

The idea is this:

“Great beer is being produced all over the state, and breweries are thinking more about what makes them unique, and what expertise they want to share with the beer drinking community.” – Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild. “Beer School offers a way for our brewers to give the public a peek behind the curtain, share their passion for the beer their brewing, and give Mainers and visitors a chance to have a one-of-a-kind experience centered around beer.”

The Maine Brewers’ Guild Beer School

Like Sean said, this is a perfect opportunity to bring craft beer knowledge to the masses from all the local breweries we have in the state. If you look at the 2015 Spring Curriculum you’ll be pleasantly surprised on what’s on tap for events.

Incredible events like Hop Knowledge kicks off the curriculum on January 8th. This is being hosted by Maine Beer Company at the brewery in Freeport. This event is engineered to educate you on identifying particular aromas and flavor with the hops in Maine Beer Company’s own beers.

The Maine Brewers’ Guild Beer School

Another really interesting event is the Flavor of Yeast hosted at Foundation Brewing Company in Portland on March 1st. This event will help you learn how yeast plays a huge role in craft beer’s flavor profile. Participants will try different beers with different yeast strains fermented under varying conditions.

There are also fun events like Ian Mcconnel taking you to his Family farm and pick sprice tips that will be used in Banded Horn’s Greenwarden beer.

The Maine Brewers’ Guild Beer School

There are so many more events that make a beer geek like me giddy like a school child. Check out the full list of Spring Semester Curriculum. Each event will go on sale 4 weeks prior to the date.

There will be much more information on all of these events closer to their dates. I hope your as excited about the opportunity to learn more about beer in Maine as I am.

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