What kind of gift would someone buy the craft beer obsessed person in their life? It’s a hard task when your trying to actually impress them with a thoughtful gift. Of course there’s always ‘the thought that counts’, which I’m a huge proponent of. I’m also very detail oriented and love getting the perfect gift for people.

There are plenty of gifts not to buy beer geeks. The Beer Babe did a great example of this as well as Bon Beer. There are plenty of things not suitable for beer geek gifts.

As a beer geek, I have tirelessly researched the perfect gifts that would impress even the geekiest. Without anymore words, here is my 2014 Perfect Beer Geek Gift Guide.


Every beer geek needs cool gadgets. You feel like James Bond when you have the quirkiest bottle opener in the party. You don’t necessarily want to have a overly obvious bottle opener sometimes. These openers are really geeky and some are subtly awesome.

Brew Tees

Brew Tees is a company that brings you the latest and greatest tshirts from well known breweries from all around the country. They offer a subscription plan where they send you a different tshirt every month for a year. Shipping is free when signing up for the club. You also get a little free brewery swag in each shipment.

You can also buy individual shirts as well ranging from $10-$20.

Price: Varies on shirts and subscription plan

Bottle Openers

2014 Perfect Beer Geek Gift Guide

After an inspirational research session on bottle openers I’ve found my favorite bottle openers that speak to me.

Luchador Bottle Opener

You can give your beer a head lock or figure four leg lock while opening it.

Price: $11.33 – Amazon

Reef Fanning Bottle Opener Sandals

I actually have a pair of these and I love them. Reef makes really comfortable sandals. Why not have a convenient bottle opener while being comfortable?

Price: $50 shop.reef.com

Big Honkin’ Bottle Opener

Ever wanted a bottle opener that you can bludgeon someone with? Here you go! You’ll never lose this 10 inch long opener.

Price: $10 Kohls

The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener

bottle-wrench-bottle-openerI have a few of these and I use them all the time. Great accessory for your beer geek Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it.

Price: $10 thebottlewrench.com

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

This item is both stylish and pricy, but that’s what you get when you combine designer sunglasses and a bottle opener. These sunglasses are engineered to be comfortable, lightweight, and functional while looking damn good.

Price: $145 shop.williampainter.com


Possibly my most used bottle opener. It’s a bottle opener where your pointer finger goes into the hole and you open the bottle with one hand. The magnet keeps the bottle cap from coming off and also sticks perfectly on your fridge.

Price: $16 Gropener.com

Das Horn

Das Horn is a 24 ounce drinking vessel that is made for the viking gods. It’s made of dishwasher safe plastic and comes with a stand and neck strap.

Price: $24.99 Dashorn.com

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter is a great new product on the market that started as a kickstarter. The company sells products like above that helps cut glass beer and wine bottles safely for multiple purposes. They also sell pendant lights to put in hanging cut bottles for overhanging lights.

Price: Varies Bottle Cutting Inc.

Beer Books

Every beer geek wants to do one thing, keep learning about craft beer. It’s a never ending passion. Here are some great books I’ve enjoyed over the course of this year as well as a few books I never got the chance to read yet.

The Handbook of Porters and Stouts

Local bookstore manager and former beer blogger Josh Christie co-authored this book with beer blogger Chad Polenz. This is a fantastic hard cover book that reviews 200

Price: $21.33 Amazon

Boston Beer: A History of Brewing In The Hub

This is the Boston installment in the American Palate series. Josh Christie (mentioned above) wrote the Maine version. This book goes into the history of brewing in Boston as well as what’s happening today. A very informative and fun read.

Price: $16.15 Amazon

Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve over Time


I realized just how little I knew about aging beers once I started reading this book. It’s a great resource for all the intricacies of how to age your beer, where to age it, and which beers to age. This book even goes into alpha & beta acids in hops and how that is associated with aging them. If you want to learn more about aging beers correctly pick this book up.

Price: $12.41 Amazon

2014 Perfect Beer Geek Gift Guide

Craft Beer Revolution

I reviewed this book earlier this year. This book is a great history of the beer industry from Steve Hindy (cofounder of The Brooklyn Brewery) who has been in the industry since 1988. You can find many first hand accounts of the start of the most notorious breweries in the US from their founders. It’s a great read if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of the brewing industry.

Price: $17.23 Amazon

The Complete Beer Course

Josh Bernstein is a very talented writer out of Brooklyn. His book The Complete Beer Course is a great way to learn how to taste beer like an expert. The book is pretty sizable and a great read.

Price: $13.07 Amazon

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Fourth Edition

This is the 4th edition to one of the most influential books in homebrewing history. Charlie Papazian is a legend in the homebrewing scene. This book has been the text book to many brewers in the country. If you are thinking about homebrewing, this is the book to start with.

Price: $9.87 Amazon

The Beer

Of course I can’t have a craft beer gift guide without having beer on the list. There are plenty of ways to find the perfect beers for your beer geek special someone. These are perfect ways to not buy them something that will sit in the back of their fridge for a year.

Beer Of The Month Club

The Beer Of The Month Club is a perfect way to ensure that every month your special beer geek receives something they’ve never tried before. This is a subscription program that sends different levels of rare beer to your house every month. You can change the rarity and amount of beer that they send to you.

Price: Varies due to customization of shipments

The Bier Cellar Special 6 Pack

We are lucky that we have bottle shops like The Bier Cellar in Portland with Greg Norton’s vast beer knowledge behind the counter. The shop may not be the biggest or with the most selection but there’s something for everyone there. From gluten free beers, rare ciders, wine, Belgian sour beer, and even a huge selection of locally brewed beers. Figure out the general kind of beers your special beer geek likes and Greg can help you make a great selection. Every beer and cider is available in singles and you can create your custom 6 pack and save 10% off your order.

Also, a gift card to The Bier Cellar is a perfect alternative.

Cost: Varies with the beer in the 6 pack

The Maine Brew Bus

The Maine Brew Bus is a great way to ‘drive you to drink local’, in fact it’s their motto. With 2 buses available you can choose from a variety of different tours around Southern Maine. They bring you to breweries, meaderies, distilleries, and brew pubs. In each stop you learn more about the history and brewing process of each destination. You get to even try samples of the craft beer, mead, and spirits.

The Maine Brew Bus also offers gift cards

Price: Varies due to the tour

The Maine Beer Tours

Similar to The Maine Brew Bus above, The Maine Beer Tours are another tour company that offers a variety of tours to distilleries, breweries, meaderies, and brew pubs throughout Southern Maine. The Maine Beer Tours offers similar but different tours than the Maine Brew Bus. Again, this is a perfect gift to your special beer geek to drive him to local places and enjoy some great beer.

The Maine Beer Tours also offers gift cards

Price: Varies due to the tour