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Q5 is a local supplement company based out of Maine. They make products for combat athletes who wish to keep up with the young lions even at an old age. Q5 holds true to it’s promise of using natural resources when producing their product line. Check out the line up from Q5 that I have purchased and tried for myself. I absolutely recommend all of them for each of their own purposes.

“New Zealand whey comes from grass fed, anti-biotic free, hormone free, humanely treated and naturally pastured cows.” – Q5combat.com

New Zealand has very strict policies with the conditions of their cows making this whey protein very unique. Like many other premium whey protein the NZ whey is not clumpy and mixes very easily with water or milk. The flavor is also very good. I use this in any protein smoothies with fruit. I even mix some warrior green or warrior purple to get more nutrients into the smoothie.

I can see this protein powder working well with cooking protein-based recipes like pancakes, protein bars, muffins, etc.

Launch Fuel

Launch Fuel is Q5′s version of a pre-workout supplement. It is stimulant free, which means no caffeine, creatine, or beta alanine. It’s designed to give you focused energy without any jittery feeling. For me, I can take this supplement 30 minutes before a night class of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it won’t keep me up all night with useless energy. I have tried many pre-workouts including supplements with beta alanine and nitric oxide and I never liked the amount of jittery energy they produced. After trying Q5 launch fuel for a 1.5 weeks I will never go back to stimulant-based pre-workout supplements.

Are you looking for more vegetables in your diet? This is a great supplement that adds more super foods and vegetables to your daily nutrition without the bad taste. Q5 warrior green has red fruit blend, green tea extract, and green seed extract. As a combat athlete, I love the advantage of getting more vegetables into my diet without adding or substituting the food that is already in my training diet.

Warrior Purple

Like the warrior green, warrior purple is a nutritional supplement that adds more antioxidants into your daily diet. Every super fruit you can think of is in this mixture: Acai, Goji, camu camu, etc. This can be used as a supplemental mix that you can add to your protein shake or coconut water. Both the warrior green and purple are great supplements to add to your diet that can help your recovery.

Extra Round Energy

This is a great supplement to add some energy to your fitness endeavors. The extra round energy is a time released capsule that helps you with that extra boost of focus and energy when training. Like the Launch fuel, this supplement does not have any stimulants so you won’t get that jittery energy that you get from a 5 hour energy shot from the gas station.

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Benjamin Moore is a craft beer blogger based in Southern Maine, his blog Active Beer Geek is dedicated to craft beer and fitness. Ben is a communications student at USM. Host of #BeerChat every Thursday night at 9pm EST on Twitter, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, long distance running, kilt wearing member of the Novare Res Uprising.