One Industrial Way has been home to breweries for quite a while now. In the past it housed Bull Jagger Brewing Company and Maine Beer Company. Now both of those breweries have been replaced with 3 new kids on the block: Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, Foundation Brewing Company, and Austin Street Brewery. I paid One Industrial Way a visit and each of the new breweries welcomed me with open arms and new beers on tap. It’s really great to see one place where you can take in the beer community from all around you like this. People were walking from Allagash over to this location to experience smaller craft brewing set-ups. Each location had a crowd that moved from one place to another.

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

Sitting out front of the brewery was the green van that The Bissell Brothers use to self distribute their beer. They have added a new outdoor ‘patio’ section to their graffiti enriched brewery.

It was a smoldering 80+ degrees out during the day (yes, that’s hot in Maine). The sun and the new outdoor seating made it a perfect day to drink Substance and the NEW (and limited) Australian Blonde. The Australian Blonde is made with a new hops that a few local breweries have picked up in new recipes called Ella hops. This new beer weighs in at 4% ABV and is simply easy drinking. I also love their small wine-like tasting glasses.

Foundation Brewing Company

Joel and Christie Mahaffey were behind the bar serving 3 Foundation brews in 64 oz. growlers and 32 oz. growlettes.

The flagship brews Eddy and Blaze were pouring very well. They also had a new beer called Wanderlust #1, a session saison. While being 4.3% ABV and 26 IBUs this beer is totally a summer beer. They did a great job with this a low ABV saison that still packs flavor. Foundation’s sample glasses are very small tulip glasses that look awesome.

Austin Street Brewery

The Austin Street Brewer, Jake Austin was in attendance with his wife pouring the Patina Pale and Kon Tiki – A South Pacific Pale

The Patina is a fantastic pale that everyone loves and is also great on a hot day like it was. Kon Tiki is a great juicy pale that has lots of New Zealand based hops. Austin Street offers 32 oz. growlettes only of both beers.