York Has A New Brewing Company That Will Surprise You

SoMe Brewing Company is a new brewery in York, Maine.I paid them a visit about 4 months ago and interviewed the owner & brewer David Rowland. We talked about SoMe, his family, and their beer (which was delicious). The drive all the way down to York, Maine from Portland was a trek but well worth it when I arrived. The brewery/tasting room is located around back of the building. Dave was telling me the tasting room used to be a restaurant. By the looks of the standard 4-person tables throughout, it certainly looked like one. That just meant more seating for vising craft beer drinkers.


Since the location was a restaurant it was a perfect space for a brewery when it came to the brewing equipment as well. There were already slanted floor drains, hose hookups, ceiling vents, etc. that were leftover from the restaurant that they didn’t need to buy for the brewery when SoMe Brewing opened.

SoMe Brewing is a family business. Dave has been homebrewing with his father for over 10 years now. His father is an integral part of the brewing process with his knowledge and experience in brewing. His wife is also an essential part of the business as well. Dave will bring her along with him to festivals and other breweries for her tasting expertise. Dave likes big hoppy beers while his wife likes mellower and malter beers. Dave has the mentality that not everyone loves the beers that he loves which is why he brews a wide variety of beer that’s on tap at the brewery. When I arrived SoMe had 6 taps going with a few on deck waiting to be enjoyed. The styles ranged from Double IPA, a Whoopie Pie Stout, and a pale ale. Each beer has it’s own personality and would definitely cater to beer drinkers of varied palates.


All the beer I tried as samples while I was there was fantastic. Their Crystal Persuasion imperial pale ale is a beer that is brewed with just crystal hops for the hop bill, that’s it. When Dave has never used a hop before be brews a beer with just that hop to see what it completely tastes like.

All of that information and the interview above I got from Dave 4 months ago. Since then, SoMe is bottling their hand crafted brew. Right now you can find their beer in beer stores around York only. The bottled their Crystal Persuasion and currently have a few Whoopie Pie Stouts left. Dave and his father made the small 2-handed contraption that bottles their beer. When bottling, they call upon friends and family to help the process along.

I’m excited to someday see more of their beers in bottle and hopefully on tap up here in Portland area, especially the Whoopie Pie Stout.