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Updated training journal time!

To start, here is my current schedule (I’m trying to stick to it as much as I can) for the past 3 weeks:

  • Sunday: Long run – 10-15 miles for right now
  • Monday: Jiu Jitsu + 6-8 mile run
  • Tuesday: Circuit + 4-6 mile run
  • Wednesday: Jiu Jitsu + possible day off from running depending on how the legs feel.
  • Thursday: Circuit + 4-6 miles
  • Friday: Jiu Jitsu + 10-12 miles
  • Saturday: Jiu Jitsu + 4-6 miles

Like I said, I try to stick to this schedule depending on work, school, etc. This schedule gives me 40+ miles a week with a solid Jiu Jitsu and lifting progression.

I bought a new pair of running shoes to add to the rotation. If you run often than  you can agree that nothing feels better than a new pair of shoes. I had 2 pairs of Asics Kayano 19s and now have a new pair of Kayano 20. This will give a little more running life to the shoes by rotating through them. The common knowledge is that modern running shoes last either 300 miles or 3 months, whatever comes first. You go through many miles when training for something like a marathon.

Another shoe tip is to make sure you wear comfortable shoes outside of running. I work at a grocery store where I’m on my feet for the entirety of my shifts. I have a few cheap shoes I rotate through as well to keep my feet from wearing out. I need them to be in tip top shape for all the miles I put on them.

I ran across a conundrum while figuring out how to record my miles digitally. I’ve been using Runkeeper for years now and have all my historical running data saved to my profile. The problem is, all my running buddies are using Nike+ running app to record their mileage. Not only that but Nike+ has a leader board where all my buddies like to brag about being #1 when they record their latest run. My solution: iSmoothRun. It’s an app that tracks cadence, auto pauses when you’ve stopped, and (most importantly of all) can export your runs to Runkeeper and Nike+. So I started to record my runs on this new-found app and I love it! You can keep track of the mileage of your shoes specifically as well as edit any runs after you finish them. Now I’m boasting when I place top of the leader board on Nike+.

Another thing I can’t stop loving about my runs lately is the weather. Maine has finally caught up to spring! Warm weather and sunshine have found it’s way here. The picture above was taken on the eastern trail during a 13.2 mile run last week. It was one of those runs that turned from a 6 miler to a 12+ miler just because it was beautiful weather outside.