Starting just under a month ago 21st Amendment Brewery made its craft beer debut on the craft beer market. It’s the perfect fit because co-founder Nico Freccia spent his early years in Portland.

They made a spectacular splash on the scene with a few release parties at The Great Lost Bear, Sonn’y and Nocturnem. Nico was in attendance for the events. He was very excited to introduce 21s Amendment’s beer to the State of Maine.

Nico had capacity in mind when thinking of Maine. The state has lots of thirsty beer drinkers and Nico and the 21st Amendment crew are opening a full-scale brewery in the Bay area. It’s a 100 barrel brewhouse looking to produce 250-300K barrels per year. A tasting room, meeting rooms, and retail space is also in the works at the new brewery as well.

21st Amendment Brewery definitely makes some approachable beers. Their most popular beer that is made for only 6 months out of the year is their Hell or High Watermelon which doesn’t use syrup and instead uses watermelon puree making it very different from your normal flavored beers. Nico originally brewed this as a homebrew. I personally wished 21st Amendment’s beer came to Maine earlier. Hell or High Watermelon would have been a great summer beer. It’s getting to Maine markets on the tail end of its seasonal life.

21st Amendment Brewery

Nico was also telling me about a 4 pack of two different pumpkin beers that are slated to reach Maine markets very soon. They are black and white pumpkin beers called He Said that consist of a Belgian-style tripel as the white and Baltic porter as the black. I think this will be well received because Maine hasn’t seen a nice Baltic porter since Bull Jagger Brewing Company made one.

Be on the lookout for 21st Amendment’s next seasonal brew called Fireside Chat. A nice spiced winter ale that’s a subtle twist on the tradition. Weighing in at 7.9% ABV this should stand out in cans on shelves from October through December.

21st Amendment Brewery are releasing their first new beer in a while called Blah Blah Blah IPA. Nico and co-founder Shaun O’Sullivan were talking one day and wanted to do an IPA. They were thinking about all the styles of IPAs on the market: West Coast IPA, Engligh IPAs, Black IPAs, blah blah blah, you name it. They decided to make another IPA and call it Blah Blah Blah IPA.