Maine is in the forefront of innovation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Last year Origin BJJ made the first American made Jiu Jitsu gi, the Pro Comp 2013. I bought the white version because I needed a nice new tournament quality light competitive gi. Whom else better to buy it from than a local Maine brand, right? This year Origin BJJ has taken their gi manufacturing one step further with the NEW Crimson Tide. This gi wasn’t only made in Farmington, Maine but it was woven there too. American cotton woven specifically by looms in the Origin Mountain Retreat. This is the new American pearl weave. Very light and soft. Today I want to dive into this gi and show you some details in yet another first in American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu manufacturing.

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I’ll begin with my measurements so you can grasp some perspective on how this fits me:

5′ 8″, 155LB, 31×30 pant size (applicable, believe me)

The package came in the mail very promptly after being shipped, I suspect 1-2 day shipping was used. It came with the top, bottom, and the two different ways to cinch up the belt: draw string rope and swivel lock buckle.

I think this gi is called the Crimson Tide because of the red accents you’ll find on each blue, white, and black (pictured above) models. The nice deep crimson red leaves a nice accent color on the lapel, pants, and back.

The Top

The top only has the one ORIGIN emblem on the left lapel as you can see above. The back has your standard Origin logo in the middle of the upper back and another ORIGIN in lettering at the bottom middle. Overall this leaves plenty of room for patches if you want to wear your gi like a nascar vehicle when competing (like myself). The lapel is a bit thicker than the Pro Comp 2013 models and I’m a fan of that. They aren’t obnoxiously big but they did need a bit of growth. I’m also a big fan of the cowboy cut that they brought back this year.

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I love the details in the stitching overall. The simple white stitching on black is simple and modern. You can notice many red reinforced stitching as shown below. This is a fine attention to detail that the gismiths at Origin have when making each and every gi by hand. The top fit me like a glove right out of the box. Sleeve length, skirt length, bust, everything. For me, there is no need to shrink any part of the top.

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Let’s dive into the pants of the Crimson Tide. If you thought the Pro Comp 2013 pants fit well last year than you won’t believe how ergonomically snug these are. They hug your hips and thighs with very little slack throughout the legs. You can notice the cowboy cut here as well. There is only one ORIGIN logo on the right leg which leaves the left leg to be patch’d up if you want.

The Bottom

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Of course you’ll notice that they brought back the swivel lock buckle that was revolutionary last year. This is light years better than the standard draw string belts that you find on all the other gis out there. The buckle wont loosen and swivels as you move. This means your pants will stay where they are even in positions like inverted guard or other guard passing situations. The wicked cool thing about these pants is that you order them to your specific size. I specifically ordered mine as the 32 inch (81 cm) waist with normal length 30 inch inseam (76 cm). The length for me was a bit long in the pants. I’m assuming that will shrink up a bit as I use it more.

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Origin also offer a draw sting rope for an extra $2.50 in the instance where a stubborn international tournament league does not allow the swivel lock buckle to be used. I admire the options as I this is my new competition gi for the future.

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What I love overall is that this gi was handmade, in Maine, by my friends in Origin, by American cotton. It’s as much entrepreneurial as you can get. As a local business loving beer and fitness blogger, I love the fact I have a gi that says “Made by hand in Maine, USA by Origin’s gismiths”

Like Meerkatsu, I will take pictures of how it fits on me later for visual comparison.