We are back with my new favorite blog series beer vs. beer! Beer vs. beer is a series of head-to-head posts where I take 2 or more beers of the same style and let you decide which one is better. I will give you all the information I can give you and you will decide who is victorious.

PHOHO (4 of 6)-2

This time I’m taking a tried-and-true hometown favorite Tripel from Allagash Brewing Company and putting it against the new kid on the block In’finiti’s Tripel. Both of these beers are solid Belgian style and I would absolutely recommend both to anyone wanting to try a locally made tripel.

PHOHO (2 of 6)-2

In’finiti has been in operations for 1.5 years and only recently started to bottle its house-made craft beer. They are a brewpub/distillery/restaurant that offers amazing beer, spirits, and scrumptious food. They started to bottle their Headstash, Primus, and Tripel in different sized bottles. Even the looks of the bottle will stand out on shelves. Before In’finiti released their tripel for public retail Allagash were the basically the only local brewery making a tripel. Belgian style beers are certainly not a style that everyone brews, especially triples. This tripel is different but still good from Allagash’s.

PHOHO (5 of 6)-2

Allagash has been brewing their Tripel since January 2000. This beer was one of the first Belgian style craft beers that I tried when I turned 21. The tripel made me fall in love with that sweet sweet Belgian yeast. Allagash added the Tripel to their line up of year round beers along side Allagash White, Allagash Black, Allagash Dubbel, and Allagash Saison. Allagash is a Belgian style brewery so that means they have the style down pretty well.

Below is a poll where you can vote for your choice between Allagash Tripel and In’finiti Tripel. Vote well!