Beer Vs. Beer | Allagash Saison Vs. Stone Saison

We’re back with the second take on Beer Vs. Beer! Today I’m here with two new saisons on the market that are from big craft breweries Stone Saison vs. Allagash Saison. West coast vs. East coast. I love the fact that these two American powerhouse breweries released a style that is just becoming main-stream.

First let’s start with Stone Brewing Company’s new Saison.

Stone brewing saison

Stone just released their new saison to the Maine market weeks ago. This beer has Perle and Aramis hops in the hop bill. To be honest, these must be west coast specific because I’ve almost never heard of them before. The 6 pack holder is right about this saison, “A modern take on a Belgian classic”. You get a traditional taste as a base but the unique hop profile with the lemon zest & lavender make it floral and very summery. This is slightly darker than the Allagash. I would guess that is due to Stone making more aggressive west-coast style everything. This is very dry throughout which can lend itself to being just shy of super drinkability but still amazing.

Now, let’s tackle Allagash Brewing Company’s Saison.

allagash brewing saison

First and foremost, Allagash is a Belgian-style brewery which makes this a perfect fitting beer style for them to create. You can certainly taste the Belgian yeast character overall in this beer, reminiscent to their other styles. The smell is definitely more barnyard-y than Stone, almost musty. Allagash uses Tettnang, Bravo, and Cascade hops in the hop bill on this one making it taste overall different. They also use a darker Belgian candy sugar which is probably why this is on the sweeter side. The Allagash Saison finishes quite dry but is sweet in the middle so it’s very enjoyable and approachable. This is definitely more tropical fruity in the smell.

Final Verdict

I would have to choose the Allagash Saison for the winner in this lineup. Allagash made a more approachable and drinkable saison than stone did this time. It’s not hard to believe with Allagash being a Belgian brewery after all. Stone definitely took a west-coast mentality to their saison and made it more dry and hoppy, yet still drinkable. I can imagine handing an Allagash Saison to a beer noob friend to try to ease them into liking craft beer.