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Benjamin Moore is a craft beer blogger based in Southern Maine, his blog Active Beer Geek is dedicated to craft beer and fitness. Ben is a communications student at USM. Host of #BeerChat every Thursday night at 9pm EST on Twitter, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, long distance running, kilt wearing member of the Novare Res Uprising.

The Return of the Belgian Beer Fest

Belgian Beer Fest is back and it's being held in Portland, Maine. This momentous beer festival will have over 70 breweries in attendance pouring over 250 different types of amazing beers. That's too many beers to be listed in this one blog post. Sounds like an opportunity not to be missed. This is a Beer Advocate (BA) ran fest, which means it's going to be

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The 2016 Maine Beer Festival Circuit

It’s that time of year where we look forward to the beer festivals during the few warm months that Maine has to offer. For breweries/cideries/meaderies, it’s a time to showcase your precious liquid. You’ve been cooped up all winter long building relationships with your local bars and beer slinging stores. Now you can get out and talk about your beer with your

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Wesbtrook Welcomes Mast Landing Brewing Company!

I'm happy to say again that there's another brewery opening in Maine. I seem to be saying this every month since 2011 and I love it. Mast Landing Brewing Company will be opening on 920 Main St. in Westbrook Friday March 4th with three beers on tap. They will have 4 beer by the end of the  month. They started to fund their brewery through an

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Beer Bread Grilled Beer Cheese Sandwich with Bacon

What do you do on a Friday night? Me, I make a beer mac and cheese sandwich. This particular sandwich is made with beer bread & beer and sriracha cheese. I've dabbled in cooking with beer only a few times so I went to The Beeroness to find something to make and found this recipe. I used Baxter Brewing Company's Tarnation California-style Lager in the

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