Matt Mills and Chris Schofield have started a new brewery in Saco, Maine that are only doing barrel fermentation: Barreled Souls Brewing Company.
Now Open!
Barreled Souls employs the Burton Union Brewing System for their fermentation. Invented in the 1830s, burton breweries would connect a series of barrels together through pipes that all ended up in a collection trough above them. The pipes would take the excess yeast foam and push it to the collection troughs above. Only the strong yeast would escape and could be used for the next batch.
Barreled souls does not have as many barrels connected like the picture above but they still use the same brewing system. As you can see below, They hook up two barrels to a collection bucket with PVC pipes. They reuse the strong yeast that is collected for the next barrel fermented batch of craft beer.

Barreled Souls Brewing

The brewery’s name is true to form with everything else as well. They have bar stools, side tables, tap handles, and even chairs that are completely made of barrels. Words can only do these barreled furniture so good.


They also have a nice high top church-pew-style seating that’s made from old barn wood. Did I mention that the entire brewery is located in a basement? It’s like visiting an underground barn. There walls are burnt orange, there is concrete everywhere, and there’s a nice table-top shuffle board that you can’t miss.

Table Top Shuffle Board
I tried a few of their awesome barrel fermented beers while I was there. The first beer was Barreled Soul’s Half Nelson. This beer had 100% Nelson sauvin hops and had a great tropical fruit flavor. You tend to get lots of fruit from South Pacific hops like those.
Next up on the tasting trail was their Citrus Pale Ale done 4 different ways: Regular, with Kumquat, with orange zest, and with grapefruit zest. This was interesting to taste the same beer done in 4 different ways. Not many brewers make these slight variation beers. Locally, Foundation Brewing Company have small batches of their Eddy with different local ingredients infused. Here is what

I also tried their Space Gose, Quaker State, and Dubbel Shot. The Dubbel Shot is made cold brewed with coffee, half with wood roasted coffee and hald with Arabica. It goes well with the malty goodness of the dubbel style of beer. The Space Gose is a nice sour gose-style that’s traditionally salty and awesome.

Barreled Souls is also doing a ‘mug club’ of sorts for higher donators to their kickstarter (which they made 100%!). Mug club members get more beer in every pour and a sort of discount on their beer (sound familiar?). Here is what the mug club looks like:
Chris and Matt have a wall of bottles they call their ‘wall of inspiration’. You see it as soon as you keep walking into the brewery. Saco, Maine has a new stop for beer geeks now and I’m stoked! Barreled Souls had a great opening weekend and I believe will continue to shine.

Here is my interview with Chris and Matt: