craft beer glassware

There are so many beer glassware out there and I want them all! I own so many glasses (52 to be exact) that it looks like my condo is a full fledged bar sometimes. With all of these clear vessels for craft beer adorning my home, there are still countless more I want to have in my collection. I’ve compiled a list of essential glassware that if you only had to choose 10 glasses, or styles of glasses, these would be it. Of course I’ve tried to select local incarnations of these styles of glassware. Enjoy!

The Pint Glass

beerme live me pint beer glass

Everyone needs a pint glass. It’s the first staple in any beer drinker’s cabinet, if your a beer geek or a bud light drinker. Your standard pint glass holds 16 fluid ounces and is perfect to stack and store in your cupboards. The good thing about these is their utilitarian usage. Since these glasses are so plain in their construction, you can use them for anything, not just beer. I consider my pint glasses to be my everything glasses. Pint glasses are also the glasses that are cheap to mass produce and therefor every brewery has some with their logo stamped on it.

The Mason Jar

bier cellar mason jar glassware

If you live in Maine than you have to own a mason jar. This is Bier Cellar’s version of the mason jar to be specific. This isn’t a jar that can be used for canning, just drinking good craft beer. It hold 12-14 ounces and is a unique fit in your shelf of standard glassware and is has a somewhat thick rim to it. Not many breweries have mason jars as their glassware to purchase so good luck finding one. I would suggest going to Bier Cellar and buying this one, or their new Teku glasses (those are bad ass!)

The Big-Ass Glass

Tough Mudder Challice

This is the glass for those days where you open your 750ML bottles of beer and want to pour it all into one glass. The glass shown above is the large stein glass from Tough Mudder. I bought this last year after finishing the New England (Vermont, really) Tough Mudder course. It perfectly holds 750ML (25.3 ounces) of liquid and is very big and heavy with a thick rim. This glass has a few uses aside from carrying your big bottle of beer. You could bludgeon someone with it perhaps.

The IPA (Spiegelau) Glass

Dogfish Head Brewing IPA glass

This glass is indicative of a beer geek for sure. This is a specific glass used for IPAs. It’s a thin-rimmed, flimsy, yet extremely unique glass. This one in particular comes from Dogfish Head Brewing Company. The glass was the brain child of Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head & Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing called Spiegelau. This glass is designed to retain a nice head while keeping the hop-forward taste throughout the drinking process of an IPA. I love breaking this glass out when having an IPA myself and impressing people with beer geekdom.

The Can Glass

baxter brewing company glass

This is just a neat novelty thin-rimmed glass that holds 16 fluid ounces that’s awesomely shaped like a can of beer. This will definitely turn heads when drinking from it. Of course I had to buy the Baxter Brewing version of it because every Baxter brew comes in can form themselves.

The Substance Glass

bissell brothers beer glass

This is the stemless goblet-style glass that is the signature of the Bissell Brother’s Substance Ale. You’ll see these all over Portland with black or white B’s when enjoying their awesome IPA. This glass is pretty rare because you can only buy it at the brewery. I love how easy and simple the branding is on this one. A staple in my cabinet.

The Hefeweizen Glass

rising tide craft beer glass

Everyone needs your standard hefeweizen glass. This is a shorter and smaller version of one from Rising Tide Brewing Company. This is perfect for their summer seasonal Spinnaker Ale (hefeweizen). With a medium thick rim, this is the perfect height for my cabinet and an excellent fit for Rising Tide’s new 12 oz. bottles this year.

Beer Tasting Glasses

beer sample glasses

Every beer geek needs beer tasting glassware. If you’ve been drinking good beer and attending festival for a few years than chances are you already have a few of these kicking around. As a beer lover, I love having people over for bottle swaps or just generally tasting things in my fridge. These festival glasses are perfect size at 2-4 ounces a piece.

The Tulip

sebago brewing company beer glass

Every beer geek needs a tulip glass. The one pictured above is Sebago’s version of one meant to be paired their new Barleywine & Quad that released last year year. These glasses are awesome to get a nose-full of aroma from the beer when drinking it. Absolutely perfect for saisons, barleywines, quads, dubbels, etc. Not to mention they are fancy as hell.

The Allagash Chalice

Allagash brewing company goblet glassware

Allagash has been around for quite a while in Maine, 19 years ago in 1995 to be precise and is now 47th biggest craft brewery in the United States. Their glassware is a staple at any bar you go to with their flagship White or others on tap. The glass pictured above holds 16 fluid ounces and is thin-rimmed. It also comes in a smaller 10 ounce version. I wouldn’t consider my glassware collection complete without a full sized glass from Allagash included.